Registration fees

Announced closing date: 31st of October 2023

Announced closing date for WDSF World Championship Adult Latin and WDSF World Championship Junior II Standard: 3rd of October 2023.
Couples registered after the closing date will lose the facilities provided by the organizer.

  • Class Competitions
    150 ron/ day (one or more competitions)

  • International Open Competitions, Rising Star
    60 eur/ one section, 80 eur/ both sections

  • WDSF Open Competitions, WDSF World Open Competitions
    60 eur/ one section, 80 eur/ both sections
  • Each block such as Class Competitions, Open Competitions, WDSF Open Competitions will be charged separately!


  • Cost of the ticket depends on the day and the area of the Venue.

    Regular Ticket (Friday) – 60 RON

    Regular Ticket (Saturday) – 85 RON

    Regular Ticket (Sunday) – 85 RON

    Limited number of tickets available.

  • Special reserved seat at the tables
    Friday – 35 euro/person
    Saturday – 100 euro/person
    Sunday – 75 euro/person

Hall map